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Attention to detail feature at Higuerón West 217: Soundproofing

Attention to detail feature at Higuerón West 217: Soundproofing

Mar 04, 2019 Construction

The detail attached to ensuring your new home at Higuerón West 217 will be completely soundproofed is an example of the care and consideration that has gone into every element both within the homes and the community as a whole – from architectural design and interior layout to landscaping, streetscaping and all the little things that will make life here so special.

All modern homes feature soundproofing, both between neighbouring properties and in relation to the surrounding environment, but at Higueron West we have spent time and effort to ensure that what we offer is above standard spec and therefore truly effective. With this in mind, the apartments at Higueron West have been designed, built and fitted to offer optimal sound comfort and excellent acoustic qualities.

High and low-pitched noise, as well as vibrations and drilling sounds are optimally dampened to ensure peace and comfort within your private space, both in relation to external sounds and those that emanate from within the building itself. In doing this, we have not only complied with all Spanish and European regulations concerning soundproofing, but have exceeded them, as we aim to do with all the aesthetic, technical and practical features of the homes at Higuerón West.

This begins with the walls, whose concrete structure is treated with insulation and contains a thermal and acoustic cavity aimed at eliminating incoming noise and creating the right acoustic environment free of echoes and hollow sounds. The insulation material absorbs sound without reflecting it, and does the same with vibrations. The same is true of the floors and ceilings, which contain cavities and in the case of the ceiling are made of sound-proofed materials.

The interior partitions within the property are also designed to further reduce incoming sounds and cut out echoes or reverberations within the home. For this we have opted for the finest quality partition walls, while the exterior walls are fitted with an interior layer of fabric that is adapted to the size and specifications of the room in question. Perforated acoustic phono-resistant bricks add to the sound insulation, the cavities in between them are filled with a special kind of rock wool and this applies in all vertical sound barriers. They further buffer and diffuse incoming sounds that are ultimately halted entirely by the double wall layers, the insulation and the wall cavity. 

All these precautions are taken so that your Higuerón West home is free of exterior noise coming in and also internally the property enjoys excellent acoustics. It’s just one of many details we consider carefully to ensure Higuerón West is the ideal place to live.