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Diego Gallegos, creator of the Arara Bistrobar

Diego Gallegos, creator of the Arara Bistrobar

Sep 17, 2018 PLAY

While the Costa del Sol is fast developing a name as a culinary destination, the main focus of attention is on Málaga and Marbella, with its Golden Mile and Old Town hotspots. For this reason, some would be surprised to know that Higueron, too, has a proud gastronomic offering that puts an excellent range of dining options before its residents. Among these is the Arara Bistrobar, a modern fine dining eatery created by Michelin-star chef Diego Gallegos.

The décor is modern and the concept equally so, but above all Diego Gallegos has garnered so much praise and a loyal following of diners and foodies because the dining experience he offers is authentic, innovative, honest and built upon quality. Quality in terms of creativity and skill as well as the finest, freshest ingredients. The latter include locally sourced meat and produce as well as vegetables and fruit from Higueron’s own organic farm.

Arara is the laid back alternative to the avant-garde Sollo, Diego Gallego’s Michelin-star restaurant in Higueron, making it a fun exploration of culinary creativity. Light and very accessible, it’s a restaurant where you don’t have to be a qualified connoisseur to enjoy new taste sensations.

They include gorgeous fish, seafood, meat and also vegetarian dishes, accompanied by the ambience, service and adaptability to diverse dietary requirements that also characterise Diego Gallegos and his restaurants. Higueron offers other dining experiences too, but if you love food and discovering new sensations, you’ll want to treat yourself to one of the most innovative and fun restaurant experiences on the Costa del Sol.