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The progression of a building licence

The progression of a building licence

Oct 16, 2018 Property market

Planning a large development project such as Higueron West is no easy undertaking. The process in Spain is pretty straightforward and transparent in its structure, but it demands a lot of preparation, planning and adherence to a set of strict procedures before building licence is approved and construction can begin. Here is a summary of the process, which requires the kind of experience and expertise that Urbania excels at, yet to ensure the perfect planning, preparation and execution of our landmark project we have also enlisted the professional services of internationally renowned firms such as Broadway Malyan and Hill International.


Stages of the building licence process

The first step is the initial basic project, which defines it for the developer as much as for the planning authorities, and in the case of a large project such as Higueron West this includes an important master plan that lays out not only the individual property developments but the entire infrastructure, road network, green zones, recreational and other amenities.

Far more than simply complying with the zoning laws regarding the permissible build area, height and style of individual projects, and submitting the architectural and technical plans for this, we have had to do things on a different scale altogether. Developing Higueron West is like urban planning, as we are creating a modern residential community, and since it is our goal to set a new standard of ecologically responsible development and make Higueron West a wonderful place in which to live, we are not only meeting the legally required regulations, but consistently improving upon them.

Once the initial basic project has outlined the destination, planning and distribution of the project, as well as the technical details, a more detailed study of the land, geology and also more detailed description of the project is prepared by surveyors, architects and engineers. A detailed plan outlining every aspect of the roads, electricity, lights, waste management, telecommunication and green zones is also submitted, all of which is reviewed by the appropriate town hall’s planning department – in this case Fuengirola.

Only once every detail has been checked, potentially necessary amendments are discussed and changes made, the final building licence is granted and work can begin. Urbania’s excellent name and reputation certainly help, but naturally we have to follow the process and regulations to the full, like everyone else, so it’s important that everything is done to perfection. Once building work in the first phase is completed and the accompanying landscaping and infrastructure are fully in place, the first occupancy licence is given upon stringent inspection, meaning that you, the owner, can now furnish, embellish and move into your beautiful new home in Higueron West!