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Michelin-star chef Diego Gallegos creates hydroponic farm at Higuerón

Michelin-star chef Diego Gallegos creates hydroponic farm at Higuerón

Jun 24, 2019 What's happening? PLAY

The creative force behind the Arara and Sollo fine dining restaurants at Higuerón West, Diego Gallegos, is known for being a pioneer in the culinary world, who is true to his innovative philosophy. This has led not just to the young gastronomic star being awarded a Michelin star for his creations at Sollo, but also in making it a unique dining experience and a singular fish restaurant where the star ingredient is sturgeon.


Now, the ground-breaking chef has created another first in this region with the establishment of a hydroponic farm within the extensive grounds of Higuerón. This advanced way of cultivation involves the growing of plants, herbs and vegetables not in soil but in water, to which minerals are added in the form of a liquid solution. Not only is this a highly efficient form of small-scale farming that negates the need for soil, but it is also highly productive and space-efficient.


This modern branch of hydroculture uses fewer energy and resource inputs than conventional farming methods, and therefore fits in perfectly with the philosophy of Higuerón West, whose residents will not only be able to enjoy the delicacies of the Arara and Sollo restaurants, but also be ensured that the ingredients involved – be they vegetables, fruit or even the fish itself – are produced to the strictest organic and ethical standards.


Diego Gallegos is inspired by sustainable, natural and ethical forms of producing our food, and has taken the lead in establishing an organic sturgeon farm and now hydroponic production within the spacious natural environment of Higueron. The new initiative will produce high quality natural strains of fruit and vegetables that will of course find their way into the menu and onto the dining tables.


It forms an additional source of inspiration for Urbania, which will be creating its own organic allotments within Higuerón West, ensuring that this will be the first eco-community on the Costa del Sol. If you love nature, health and naturally grown food too, come and visit us to view this growing community for yourself.