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The magic of Luna Mora

The magic of Luna Mora

Sep 02, 2019 What's happening?

It may be hard to imagine, as you enjoy modern style and comfort in your Higuerón West apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, but just a 40-minute drive from here there is a country village that transforms itself each September to become an ethereal place of magic and beauty.


Guaro is a charming country town a little inland from the Costa del Sol. Set in a broad, undulating valley between mountain ranges, it is an attractive rural community surrounded by agricultural land. For most of the year, Guaro takes on the hues of the prevailing seasons, but each September the village enters a somewhat ethereal world of mystery and enchantment that draws thousands to come and celebrate something truly special.


What’s more, electricity bills and the environment are both saved, as the lights go off and the charming historic town centre is illuminated by 25,000 candles, which together create the most bewitching atmosphere. Luna Mora celebrates the Moorish chapter in the region’s long history, and in so doing lays emphasis on its culture, cuisine, craftsmanship, dance and music in a series of events that last throughout the first two weeks of the month.


A special experience

It is a truly special experience for those used to the bright lights, fast-paced life and trappings of 21st century environments, for during Luna Mora the little town of Guaro appears to step into a different time zone in which everything slows, calms down and takes on a gentler, more ephemeral dimension. The scents and flavours of medieval spice markets, Moroccan tea rooms housed in large Bedouin tents and Arabic-inspired dishes and desserts fill the air – as do the song and dance of ancient times.


The Moorish market is added to by street theatre and falconry in the medieval style, all against the richly ambient glow of candles that bathe the historic town centre in a warm light that makes it all the more enchanting. For an experience to savour that is little more than half an hour from your home, treat yourself to a celebration of the senses at Luna Mora 2019.