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Higuerón West offers new anti-bacterial cleaning system to homes

Higuerón West offers new anti-bacterial cleaning system to homes

Mar 27, 2020 LIVE

Urbania is the kind of innovative property developer that is always looking to improve the design, comfort and functionality of its properties, so not surprisingly we study the market – and especially, new technologies – for great new features to introduce. In this way, we have made projects such as Higuerón West ground-breaking in their field, and the latest advance we will be offering is the inclusion of anti-bacterial cleaning systems in all the apartments and villas.


The EcoFrog Avatar is an advanced anti-bacterial system that cleans and disinfects water without the use of chemicals and detergents. Instead, its magnetiser pre-filters water and makes use of oxygen-ozone technology to activate oxidants that sterilise and clean. The resulting tap water is softer, cleaner and healthier for a wide range of applications, from kitchen use and cleaning to washing clothes and sterilising infant accessories. Dirt is dissolved and 99,6% of germs and bacteria eliminated – without the need for chemical detergents.


This advanced home technology gadget has an attractive design and clear LED screen interface that makes it easy and convenient to use. The ecological cleaning system has obvious benefits, not least of which are:


·       Your Health – efficient cleaning and sterilising, especially for sensitive skins

·       The Environment – detergent-free cleaning of surfaces and clothes

·       No Packaging – besides saving money on detergents, there is no plastic packaging involved

·       Easy Use – no maintenance required

·       Economical – working only with cold water, it reduces energy consumption and bills


Already installed in the Higuerón West offices and show home, it will shortly be available to buyers as an optional extra.


The EcoFrog Avatar is the kind of sensible product of technology that we look out for – it’s with advances like this that we make a difference to the environment while also enhancing our own home safety and convenience.