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Málaga’s famous Christmas lights set to dazzle once more

Málaga’s famous Christmas lights set to dazzle once more

Nov 26, 2018 What's happening?

Mark November 30th in your calendar, for it is the day the Christmas lights will be officially switched on in Málaga this year. The turning on of the colourful display is a special moment that forms one of the highlights of the annual public calendar, with large crowds gathering to witness the ceremony and be the first to see the latest in what has been a succession of marvellously artistic lighting displays that take Christmas decorations to a whole new level.

Calle Larios, the elegant pedestrian high street in the historic heart of the city, is the venue for this annual event. Its long perspective, flanked by stately city buildings, joins the main Alameda avenue in forming the main focus of the displays that convert the city centre into a joyful explosion of lights, colours and creative designs. Last year, the production even included a light show that ‘danced’ to the accompaniment of a 20-minute musical extravaganza.

It is an experience to behold, with the light show repeating itself at fixed intervals throughout the Christmas period. This year, the official lighting ceremony will be held at Calle Larios from 19:30hrs on Friday 30th November, and the lights will remain in place until after Reyes – the traditional Spanish conclusion of the festive period – on 7th January. Iluminaciones Ximénez, a specialist company from Córdoba, has been given the Medal of Honour of Andalucía for its contribution to making Málaga’s Christmas lights famous within Spain and among the most beautiful anywhere in the world. 

If you feel in need of a little Christmas cheer, come to the centre of Málaga on the 30th November and be there for the official start of the festive season, when 2,600 LED lights add a touch of magic to this part of the world!