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Andalucía is number one holiday destination in the world

Andalucía is number one holiday destination in the world

Jun 15, 2020 What's happening?

Ever since Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced at a press conference on 23rd May that Spain will open its doors to international tourists from July this year, online searches and bookings have shot through the roof.


Other countries, such as Portugal, Italy, France and the USA, are also popular, but such is the demand for Spanish destinations that the country is receiving 33.75% of all bookings, as measured by Travelgate, an online travel platform that monitors 20,000 bookings and three billion online searches from 300 sites and 15 airlines daily.


Andalucía ranks top

Within Spain, Andalucía ranks top, with the booking boom so strong that is has pushed Florida off its traditional number one position, making Andalucía the number one travel destination in the world right now!


It’s fantastic news for the tourist sector, hotels, airlines and property rentals, which were all forced to watch from the side lines during the lockdown, but now seem able to look forward to a fantastic high summer season.


Spain shoots to top position

The response began soon after the prime minister’s announcement, which also included taking away any quarantine periods for visitors to Spain, and bookings have more than doubled since, surpassing the USA.


The leading region in the world right now in terms of travel destinations – with almost 11% of global bookings – is Andalucía, and the Costa del Sol receives the bulk of it, so reservations in the hotels, private homes and rental properties in this sunny coast are filling up nicely.


The Costa del Sol tops other popular Spanish destinations, partly thanks to the fact that it offers a wonderful climate, beautiful scenery, a long shoreline full of beaches and coves, excellent facilities, the largest concentration of golf courses in Europe, lots of water sports facilities, fine dining, shopping—and also the nature and culture of Málaga and the Andalusian countryside, villages and cities to enjoy.


Offering all of this, within two to three hours’ flight from the main parts of Europe, it’s not surprising that the Costa del Sol is currently the leading tourist destination in the world!