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Good air equals quality of life

Oct 29, 2018 LIVE

Sustainable homes are at the vanguard of the construction sector, as more and more modern homes are designed to be energy-efficient, reduce power usage and utilities bills ...

The progression of a building licence

Oct 16, 2018 Property market

Planning a large development project such as Higueron West is no easy undertaking. The process in Spain is pretty straightforward and transparent in its structure, but it d...

Experience the Rocío de Fuengirola

Oct 01, 2018 What's happening?

Among the many pleasures of living in southern Spain are the local culture and traditions. Spain is a land rich in these and Andalucía is perhaps the most iconic of ...

Diego Gallegos, creator of the Arara Bistrobar

Sep 17, 2018 PLAY

While the Costa del Sol is fast developing a name as a culinary destination, the main focus of attention is on Málaga and Marbella, with its Golden Mile and Old Town...

Ángel Alonso - Taekwondo Schools

Sep 03, 2018 PLAY

The Higueron sports complex is already renowned for its amenities and coaching standards, but this summer it celebrated the opening of the Taekwondo school of world champio...

Higuerón West sponsors the Marenostrum Festival at the Sohail Castle

Aug 20, 2018 What's happening?

Marenostrum is a joyous summer festival that brings a long list of local and international entertainment to the Fuengirola area from 12th May to 2nd September for a season-...

Discover the Málaga feria

Aug 06, 2018 What's happening?

Ferias, or fairs, are a way of life in Spain, and nowhere more so than in Andalucía, the southern region where many of the country’s traditions are most strong...

Two hours to different worlds - Morocco

Jul 23, 2018 Lifestyle

The great thing about the Costa del Sol is not only its scenic beauty, lovely setting on a sunny coastline, gorgeous mountainous hinterland and diverse offering of experien...

Is it paddle or padel?

Jul 09, 2018 PLAY

The game known as padel in Spanish and paddle tennis in its semi-official English translation is a fascinating mix of conventional tennis and squash. The balls, net and sco...